September 21st and the start of the Equinox24 weekend. A 24 hour event full of fun, family runs, camping, friendship and a personal battle to run as many 10k laps as you can either by yourself or as part of a team.

Slightly concerned this year as it would be the first time running on a predominantly low carb healthy fat diet. I did Tough Mudder Full back in May (began this lifestyle back in February) and that went ok so I’m really hoping this goes well.

Friday arrival at the campsite and we can’t pitch tents as the weather is horrific. Wind is so bad it confines us all to the car. After battling with the wind and nearly taking off several times the tent is finally up, well sort of. Then the rain begins ……. and pretty much doesn’t stop for the rest of the day but that doesn’t dampen our spirits. We get out the camping stove and cook the Keto Chili I had prepared earlier together with homemade guacamole and grated cheese and a bottle or two (or four) of prosecco; hardly gave the rain a second thought !

The next day we wake early to a fab breakfast of really good sausages, spinach omelette, mushrooms and crispy bacon. All feeling good we change and get ready for the start at 1200, the first half of our three teams make their way over to the start line and we’re off! The other half of us sit around drinking water/black coffee nervously awaiting our first lap.

I walk across to the start line; I’ve no idea why but I always feel really nervous and self conscious at the beginning of any event I enter. Hang around there for a moment or two until I feel confident to start and then I’m off. I begin my first 10k loop all is ok. I had forgotten the entire route so just took in the scenery (and tried to pace myself), had a chat with other runners, although I was secretly annoyed I’d forgotten my headphones as I prefer running to music! Arrived at the 6k point and then found myself counting down in my head to the finish, until I realised I still had “that hill” to climb. For those that have never done this event there is a very steep, fairly long and horrific hill to run up, it’s a killer. Getting that out of the way the rest of the course is pretty much downhill all the way back; and then the rain comes again. It quite literally chucks it down, what an awful day for a running event but that doesn’t seem to dampen everyone’s spirit – there are so many people still out and continuing to go out and run; rain or not, it’s a great feel good event.

I ate several chicken legs and handfuls of nuts when I was peckish and that seemed to work well. Long and the short, I managed to get four laps in (40k) and was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I only managed 3 laps last year.

So I survived another event without stacking up on pasta the night before, and felt good – not sure my legs will agree with me tomorrow !

Wet Wet Wet

Looks like summer is officially over and the rainy season has begun; just in time for the weekend of camping and 24 hour run – joyous!

On the upside I lost another 1lb, not quite sure how but I’ll take it. Looking at the weather it feels like a winter food kind of day so I’m going to drag out the slow cooker from the back of the cupboard and cook lamb.

Shoulder of lamb

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Bay leaves



Stick it all together in the slow cooker on low and leave it all day – now I’ll get back to unpacking the suncream and flip flops and repacking the waterproofs and wellies for the weekend !

Serve with some Cavolo Nero steamed lightly and then quickly sautéed in olive oil, garlic, squeeze of fresh lemon juice and some feta cheese – perfect for a rainy day (and pretty blooming easy)!


I’m part of a mad group of people that decided in our 40’s to take on various running events throughout the year. Surprisingly it’s proven to be an absolute hoot (in the most part) and so far we have racked up some pretty great events and medals between us. Now whilst I’m happy to take part, I do insist that there is a medal involved AND preferably a T-Shirt too; if not then I’m basically not interested !!

One of our favourite events is one we partake in annually; well when I say annually, I mean this will be our third year. We enter a great local event held in the grounds of Belvoir Castle #Equinox24 which has grown in size year on year. We all gather on the Friday evening, set up camp for the weekend, all whilst taking part in a 24 hour run which begins midday on the Saturday. Basically you run as many 10k laps as your legs will allow in a 24 hour period, whilst secretly trying to beat your other team member (maybe that’s just me). It’s a great family event where there are runners/walkers of all ages and abilities, together with music, food stalls and most importantly a prosecco bus; actually that might be the only reason I do this event #onemorelap

Equinox24 has come round again, next weekend in fact and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and obtaining another bit of bling and an ill fitting T-Shirt (and the prosecco bus, did I mention they have a prosecco bus).

Slightly nervous about what food we should eat and take with us this year as we have now decided to embark on this food journey, normally when running I would have eaten my own body weight in pasta the night before. Think I’ll eat this meatball dish on Friday – now to think of some snacks !

My beginning …..

I’ve been struggling to begin writing this for months. Do I really know enough, what can I possibly offer; more importantly, who will want to read it ??? Well, today I woke up and decided it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if I know enough, it doesn’t matter about what I think I could offer and it doesn’t matter who reads it. I’m going to begin this journey because I really love the new lifestyle choice I’ve made and I’m loving the recipes and route it’s taking my life in. I don’t mind if no one reads it or finds it interesting but if it brings a smile to just one persons face and makes them think about what they are putting in their mouths, then that’s enough for me.

My journey began at the beginning of the year when my younger brother visited and started talking about this “new” low carb/high fat “fad”. When I say started talking, what I really mean is he went on and on and on sending us links to various You Tube videos. He didn’t just stop there, oh no, he then moved on to ebooks and yet more You Tube tutorials. Now I love my brother, but when he has a new idea we all have to hear about it. So, I didn’t take too much notice and just tried to nod in all the right places. He didn’t give up. More ebooks, more You Tube ……. long and the short of it was my better half gave in and began watching the videos. This in turn led to him then banging on about it, read this, watch this, OMG this is amazing just watch this, did you know……

Tbh, I simply gave in. I started to read the book, I watched the videos and then I didn’t know whether to be annoyed or amazed, I think I was probably both. It appears everything I had ever been told on how to eat and prepare food was actually incorrect. The more I read, the more it makes total sense. So I too have embarked upon the new eating regime of cutting back carbs and increasing fats and I feel fantastic. I, like my brother, have become that annoying person banging on about it and texting friends with You Tube Videos and ebooks until they too give up and join in the fun. Did I mention, red wine and cheese are acceptable – Pass me my wine glass and the cheese board 🙂