Life moves at such a quick pace that I sometimes forget to stop, take a moment and reflect on how far I have come. Sean and I have now been on this keto journey for just coming up to a year and I feel it was definitely the right move for us – maybe not for everyone but definitely right for us.

Along the way we’ve tried to incorporate other healthy lifestyle choices and I feel that they all go side by side. Now been doing Pilates once a week since January and I still absolutely love it and never want to miss a class, even arranging trips away around my classes – sad!

My running is still slow and i do wish I could improve on this – perhaps it feels almost too difficult and Un-achievable so continue at my plodder pace; telling myself something is better than nothing !

I’m 48, the best I’ve ever felt and trying to keep as fit and healthy as I can. So pat on the back to me, keep loving Pilates, keep running slowly and definitely keep eating low carb 💙

Low carb living

So I’ve now been on this low carb journey since last June and still loving it. I’ve managed to lose a stone in weight, not sure how as this has been pretty easy. Always on the lookout for low carb options and different recipes that I can adapt to suit our lifestyle. My husband has been incredible on this journey and lost two stone, it’s like living with a new man, lol.

I’m pretty amazed on a daily basis at how everything has changed; hair, skin, weight, energy levels. Also discovered that there are a million different ways of cooking cauliflower.

Had some great responses to our new way of eating and several of our friends have joined us on the low carb train. Had a few negative remarks too, which always make me laugh. It’s always those that haven’t done any research or read any books on the subject that are the first there telling us we’ve got it all wrong. For us the journey is not all about eating an infinite amount of bacon and eggs, but a healthy balance of low carb vegetables good meats, fish, shellfish and healthy fats and fasting and coffee – couldn’t survive without my coffee.

Low carb and loving it.

Panna Cotta

Without the sugar …….

300ml double cream

Raspberries or berries of your choice and a squeeze of lemon

Approx 5g powdered gelatine

Tsp vanilla essence

*Optional – tablespoon of stevia (I didn’t use it and for me the desert was sweet enough with the raspberries).

Place the cream in a pan and warm gently with the vanilla (if your using the Stevia add now).

In a separate bowl add the gelatine to a couple of tablespoons of hot water and mix well.

Just before the cream begins to boil, take it off the heat and add the dissolved gelatine mix. Stir until combined and the gelatine has disappeared.

Pour into 3 small ramekins.

Put in the fridge for at least 4 hours or until the mix has set.

Put the raspberries and a squeeze of lemon into a bowl and blitz with a handheld blender until smooth.

When ready to serve – remove ramekins from fridge and run the sides of the ramekins quickly under hot water – tip upside down onto a plate and top with the raspberry coulis mix – top with mint leaves and enjoy !

Core – what core ?

Well that was an experience. My first core stability session of 2019, pretty much discovered that I have no core !

For those of you that don’t know me, I run: slowly, but I run. If there is “bling” aka medal involved, then I pretty much throw myself in feet first. Generally I find a race/event and then drag/bully my running buddies into entering. We then all spend the next however many weeks fretting about the upcoming event until race day. We then complete the event, feel pretty heroic and invincible, aka smug and apply for another event and so the cycle goes on.

This new year I desperately wanted to do something other than running, something along the lines of yoga ….. every class I’ve looked at is in the evening and this just doesn’t work for me; has to be a morning event or I talk myself out of it. Long story short; my fabulous husband talked (bullied) me into going to a core stability session with him. It will be “fun” I think he said. We tipped up in our Lycra and tough mudder t-shirts ready to attack this core stability session.

If I’m honest, I felt a little relieved when I arrived as we were the youngest people there by far, lots of “older” women all with their own mats, and I had a silent chuckle to myself thinking well if they can do it, how hard can it be? I didn’t laugh again. These women were all pretty amazing and incredibly flexible, clearly age is just a number – go ladies.

After 40 minutes of quite (or so I thought) strenuous core exercises I was definitely feeling it. The main things I took away from this session was I definitely cannot swing one arm forward and one backward at the same time!! If I have a core, then it was most definitely hiding and not coming out to play.

However, even though there was no bling on offer, I’m definitely signing up for the next session and this time I’m dragging my core out from it’s hiding place.


I love pasta and this has been the hardest thing to try and substitute with a low carb alternative. Tried zucchini noodles and whilst I actually like them, they don’t really taste like pasta. There are several alternative products on the market but they are really quite expensive and I have been reluctant to try them; if you want a bowl of pasta just have a bowl of pasta mentality kicks in ! That said, I thought I’d give them a go, you never know I might even like them.

We opted for the Pure range as Amazon stocked them and it was really easy to get them delivered – love an Amazon delivery.

Only tried the pure spaghetti – still to sample the rice and Noodles. Sugar free, gluten free, low cal, fat free, grain free and 0 carbs they are a very attractive alternative on paper. It’s made from the root of the Konjac plant which is rich in water soluble fibre and also suitable for Vegans.

Very straightforward to use. One packet served one portion in our house, so works out fairly costly.

Opened the packet and washed the spaghetti in cold water – they didn’t smell at all (some brands smell fishy/chemically).

Once washed I drained them and then tipped into the hot pasta sauce and stirred around, leaving for a few minutes to heat/cook through and then serve.

I was actually pleasantly surprised. My only criticism is that the “spaghetti” is more like rice noodles than pasta and I would certainly use these for some Asian dishes requiring rice noodles.

They are very thin and I would prefer them to be slightly thicker; the “noodles” look more like pasta so may be better for me, just not tried them yet. I definitely prefer the texture and taste to zucchini noodles as a low carb substitute to pasta.

Although, if I fancy a bowl of pasta I still may just opt for the bowl of pasta !!


Night in after a long day with the hubster; that should read, long day at work, night in with the hubster !! Fancied a drink, probably should be red wine if anything at all but when champagne is on offer it would be rude to refuse, right?

My life is now reading the carb content on every single label, slightly ruining some things for me as if it’s too high, I simply won’t touch it; but champagne I’ll make an exception for 😉

Supermarket shopping is now somewhat longer as I’m always looking for that one product that has virtually no carb content! When I find it, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel, which actually is pretty sad as if I really, really wanted to eat something I’ve always said that I would simply eat it, just not every day. Truth is, I hate eating something I really fancy if the carbs are high – I’d rather go without. I’ve even turned down a casual lunch out with my better half opting to cook as I know exactly what I’m putting in my mouth. I’m not moaning about this as this journey has made me question everything that I eat. What is it, how was it cooked, what oil was it cooked in ?

Exception to that rule is after a night out and all I want to eat the following day is “crap fast food”, in that instance KFC wins out – it’s chicken; chips are an amber and corn is a vegetable, right ????

Running Free

I wake up most days thinking, really must run today, and I’ve realised the longer I leave it the less likely I am to do it. As the day progresses so does my list of excuses not to go out.

Sad thing is, I actually like running; unlike my dog who incidentally LOVES running. That moment when I get changed and put on my trainers and headphones signals probably the only time that I completely switch off from everything else around me. I literally don’t think about anything else other than the run ahead of me. No fretting about work, what I’m going to cook for dinner, how the children are doing, should I be doing more …..

I am however a fair weather runner, running in the rain just does not do it for me at all – this is when the running machine gets dusted down. Running on an autumnal morning is just beautiful. The ever changing landscape of the farmers fields and beautiful coloured trees and if the sky is blue too – bonus. The dog loves it, pulling me round the first half and then I drag her home past half way (don’t be fooled, this is not because I run 20 miles, but she always starts off too fast and then struggles, we’ve talked about this but she just won’t listen).

So, today I won’t put it off, my trainers are on and I’m off to enjoy my solitude and clear head space – great start to the day. Plenty of time later to fret about work, what I’m going to cook for dinner, how the children are doing, should I be doing more …..