I love pasta and this has been the hardest thing to try and substitute with a low carb alternative. Tried zucchini noodles and whilst I actually like them, they don’t really taste like pasta. There are several alternative products on the market but they are really quite expensive and I have been reluctant to try them; if you want a bowl of pasta just have a bowl of pasta mentality kicks in ! That said, I thought I’d give them a go, you never know I might even like them.

We opted for the Pure range as Amazon stocked them and it was really easy to get them delivered – love an Amazon delivery.

Only tried the pure spaghetti – still to sample the rice and Noodles. Sugar free, gluten free, low cal, fat free, grain free and 0 carbs they are a very attractive alternative on paper. It’s made from the root of the Konjac plant which is rich in water soluble fibre and also suitable for Vegans.

Very straightforward to use. One packet served one portion in our house, so works out fairly costly.

Opened the packet and washed the spaghetti in cold water – they didn’t smell at all (some brands smell fishy/chemically).

Once washed I drained them and then tipped into the hot pasta sauce and stirred around, leaving for a few minutes to heat/cook through and then serve.

I was actually pleasantly surprised. My only criticism is that the “spaghetti” is more like rice noodles than pasta and I would certainly use these for some Asian dishes requiring rice noodles.

They are very thin and I would prefer them to be slightly thicker; the “noodles” look more like pasta so may be better for me, just not tried them yet. I definitely prefer the texture and taste to zucchini noodles as a low carb substitute to pasta.

Although, if I fancy a bowl of pasta I still may just opt for the bowl of pasta !!

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