Keto Cauliflower Cheese

This is delicious and works really well to produce a thick sauce, without using the flour. Works great as a main meal or accompaniment to anything.

I have also added crispy bacon into this on occasion to make a slight variation to the dish (simply crumble the bacon into the cheese sauce before you pour it over the cauliflower).


Butter 2 tbls

One tub of Cream cheese (250g)

Approx 200g (more if you want to) of Cheddar cheese grated.

250/300 ml Double cream

Pinch of paprika

Firstly I steam the cauliflower until it is almost cooked, left a little al dente. Then I leave to cool. Once cooked place in a bowl deep enough for the sauce.

Meanwhile take two tablespoons of butter and the cream and put into a saucepan, heat slowly. Once warm, add the cream cheese and slowly bring to the boil, then reduce heat to low (or remove from heat) and add the grated cheese stirring until the sauce is smooth and silky.

I like my sauce to be fairly thick for cauliflower cheese, so I then turned the heat up again and cooked everything for a further 5/10 minutes; if you like a thin sauce then simply use straightaway and don’t put it back on the heat.

Pour over the cauliflower (I then add a further handful of grated cheese) Sprinkle over the pinch of paprika and place in a hot oven for 30 minutes – until golden brown on the top. Remove and serve !

I found the sauce freezes really well, so if it produces more than you need, simply put in the freezer for another meal ! I used it all 🙂

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