Whilst my husband and I embraced this new way of eating several months ago, it’s not been as easy to convert our teenagers. Why would you want to ditch pizza, pasta and all things sugary ??

Trouble is the more I read about LCHF the more it makes sense and the more it worries me what my children are consuming. Further still, it makes me so angry that we are constantly bombarded in the media on a daily basis with poor food choices in the name of healthy eating!!

As their mother, I have spent their entire lives from womb until now feeding them what I thought were healthy food choices. Both girls were breast fed until a year, both had home cooked food made for them from when they were able to eat; baby food just didn’t happen in our house. As they grew we introduced plenty of fruit and vegetables whether seasonal or not. Pasta, lean meats, whole wheat cereals, fruit juice, low fat everything, home made bread; my only saving grace is that we have always used olive oil, in and on everything.

This is all they know and now out of the blue we are saying to them “that’s not a good way to eat, you need to ditch all that and eat high fat foods and meats, avoid cereals and fruit juice like the plague – do you know how much sugar is in that ….”. Seriously both our children think we’ve lost the plot, maybe we have.

Trouble is, now I see how much sugar is hidden in everyday foods and people are so unaware and ill informed about it, and it frightens me. I worry for my girls. I worry at the amount of sugar they consume without realising it and I worry that so much disease is now being linked to sugar: but they’re teenagers and obviously won’t do anything unless they want to. All I can do is keep preparing their meals reducing their carb and sugar intake and hope that with age they too will see how bad sugar is for us and embrace the new way of eating.

I guess, as their mother I worry, that’s my job and right.

3 thoughts on “Teenagers

  1. sounds very familiar. I am the mother of three boys although all adults now. The eldest and his wife are now doing the keto thing, have both lost weight and look great. Yours will figure it out on their own, you have instilled in them to eat healthy. Problem is, what is healthy keeps changing!!

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