Keto abroad

Week away doing nothing but walking, eating, sleeping, reading and repeat !! I only ever seem to read on holiday (two books in already) and I forget how much I love it, note to self – read more at home !

Actually been pretty good this holiday, with all the fabulous food on offer out here; I feel I’ve made some pretty sound food choices and it was much easier than I thought it would be. People are more than happy to swap food out for you, even in Greece. Simple trade of potatoes for salad or seasonal green vegetables most evenings and no ones looked at me like I’m mental, apart from the mother in law, bonus!

I have however eaten my own body weight in Greek salad. Last day today and I’m contemplating a further Greek salad – will go back looking like one!!

Not a great deal to do here which actually for me is a good thing; we have been able to do some pretty epic coastal walks of 8 plus miles so definitely earned my glass of wine in the evening.

Hopefully when I return back to sunny (not) Lincolnshire and jump back on the scales my heart won’t sink ……

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