Cauliflower soup topped with bacon croutons

This was so quick to make I still can’t really believe it !! Literally fridge to table in 30 minutes and absolutely delicious !

You will need:

One cauliflower – stork removed and head cut into little bite sized florets

One onion – diced

Stick of celery – diced

One large carrot – diced

Clove of garlic – crushed

Pinch of thyme

Salt & Pepper

Approx 200 ml of vegetable stock

Approx 200 ml of milk

Couple of rashers of streaky bacon

First of all fry the bacon until crispy, then remove bacon from saucepan and set aside. In the bacon fat now cook off the diced onion, carrot, celery for a few moments after 5 mins add the garlic and then the cauliflower florets.

Give everything a good stir around and add some salt and pepper and pinch of thyme. Now add the stock and milk – I used 200 ml of both but you basically need enough to cover the cauliflower. Now leave to simmer for 15mins – want the cauliflower to still have a little bite, not mushy. Serve the soup with the cooked bacon sprinkled over the top – absolutely delicious šŸ™‚

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