Winter is coming

Getting colder and colder out there and I need to stop eating so much mincemeat ….. tonight chicken !

Serves our little family of three

3 chicken breasts

Pkt of chorizo slices

Red onion

2 red peppers

Handful of baby tomatoes

Handful of chopped spinach

One lemon

One courgette

One bulb of garlic cut horizontally in half


Couple of Rosemary sprigs

One cup of chicken stock

Salt & pepper

First fry chicken breasts in olive oil until

Slightly browned on the outside. Remove from heat and put on a plate.

Then add everything else to the pan (apart from stock). Wait until the vegetables have slightly softened and then return the chicken back to the pan. Now add stock and season with salt and pepper. Cover with a lid.

Leave on the hob gently simmering for an hour then after an hour remove lid and let sauce thicken.

Serve with a green vegetable of your choosing 🙂

Voila !! #winterwarmer #comfortfood

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