Quick Fix

Dinner in under 20 minutes

Serves two

3 medium sized courgettes – peeled and sliced into ribbons

6 cherry tomatoes, halved

150g raw prawns

Large handful of spinach

X2 salmon fillets

Handful of green beans


Salt, black pepper and chilli powder

Parmesan (optional)

Melt some butter in a pan and pan fry the salmon on both sides, this takes approx 3 mins each side.

Remove salmon from pan and throw in the prawns, tomatoes and the green beans, pan fry until the prawns are cooked through, stirring the pan constantly then add the double cream (approx 150ml) together with a little salt, black pepper and a pinch of chilli powder. Mix everything together and then add courgette ribbons.

Cook for approx 2 to 3 minutes and then place the salmon back in the pan together with all the other ingredients. Combine everything and serve (if you are not completely against parmesan with fish then grate some fresh parmesan over the top: delicious) – Buon Appetito !

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