I’m part of a mad group of people that decided in our 40’s to take on various running events throughout the year. Surprisingly it’s proven to be an absolute hoot (in the most part) and so far we have racked up some pretty great events and medals between us. Now whilst I’m happy to take part, I do insist that there is a medal involved AND preferably a T-Shirt too; if not then I’m basically not interested !!

One of our favourite events is one we partake in annually; well when I say annually, I mean this will be our third year. We enter a great local event held in the grounds of Belvoir Castle #Equinox24 which has grown in size year on year. We all gather on the Friday evening, set up camp for the weekend, all whilst taking part in a 24 hour run which begins midday on the Saturday. Basically you run as many 10k laps as your legs will allow in a 24 hour period, whilst secretly trying to beat your other team member (maybe that’s just me). It’s a great family event where there are runners/walkers of all ages and abilities, together with music, food stalls and most importantly a prosecco bus; actually that might be the only reason I do this event #onemorelap

Equinox24 has come round again, next weekend in fact and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and obtaining another bit of bling and an ill fitting T-Shirt (and the prosecco bus, did I mention they have a prosecco bus).

Slightly nervous about what food we should eat and take with us this year as we have now decided to embark on this food journey, normally when running I would have eaten my own body weight in pasta the night before. Think I’ll eat this meatball dish on Friday – now to think of some snacks !

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